How SMEs Can Benefit from Cloud-based Construction Estimating Software

Construction software is as relevant to small construction firms as it is to their larger competitors.

Cloud-based construction estimating software is perceived by many in the industry as a new technology that delivers many opportunities to the sector. Although the incentives are obvious for larger companies, many SMEs are still hesitant to utilise construction estimating software.

Construction software is quickly becoming a foundation for improved outcomes and industry reforms; therefore, it is vital that SMEs adopt it. Software is a great leveller that can enable SMEs to compete with much larger firms. The benefits for SMEs are:

Winning work

The government's BIM mandate in 2016 is a compelling reason for SMEs to consider using construction estimate software, especially if the firm would like to compete for government projects.

Without software, the client will respond with proposals through traditional, uninspiring profiles. Software tools can produce a three-dimensional model of the project that communicates clearly what will be built and exactly how it will look. You can price your building job using construction estimating software and let the client experience the building themselves.

Quantity surveying

Quantity surveying a traditional non-software project usually involves measuring quantities that are contained on the blueprint, following this up with a manual remeasure when there are changes. With software tools, many quantities are automatically measured, giving you the ability to quickly adjust to changes, submit revised cost proposals and demonstrate these visually to the customer.


By using construction estimating software, the firm always has easy access to 3D models, drawings and representations via mobile devices and the cloud; for example, if tradesmen need a more thorough understanding of what the firm wants to accomplish, the firm can simply show them in the field on a tablet device. This saves the traditional, time-consuming process of carrying sets of blueprints from one job site to another.

Cloud-based construction estimating software

One of the biggest selling points of construction software since its inception has been its ability to enhance and facilitate coordination between the various parties working on a complex building project.

Cloud-based tools also offer lower upfront costs when compared with traditional desktop software licences. Staff training for products is also readily available, including online training and self-paced courses and tutorials.

Cloud-based construction estimating software enables you to easily price your building job. The client can even comment on the building through a cloud-based project review.

The future of technology in the construction industry

There have been concerns that companies that do not embrace technology will be pushed out of the business in an estimated five years' time. SMEs should not view the process of switching to construction software as an intimidating or complex process.

To remain competitive with larger companies whilst driving efficiency, it is becoming increasingly clear that SMEs must embrace construction software. This demonstrates to clients and suppliers a willingness to adapt and embrace technology, and it is thought that companies will favour suppliers that are construction software literate.

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