Builders Software
Why Builders Software? It Pays To Be Detail Minded

Quick and Accurate
When you decide to make the switch to using construction estimating software, you will never go back to your old methods of preparing quotes. For a start, using builders software means that your quotes can be prepared up to 20 times quicker than your old method. That means you’ll have time to do many more quotes and your revenue will increase.

Other benefits of our construction estimating software:

  1. It is more accurate that the traditional method.
  2. It relies on precise calculations.
  3. You have the added extra of the 3D images as you plan your quote.
  4. You’ll have much more time to spend socialising with friends or on days out with your family.

Looking The Business
You may have spent years getting all of the training and accreditations that you need to have in your chosen trade or trades, but how professional will you look if you are not getting in touch with the digital age and producing fast and speedy quotes with builders software? Your competitors will have the edge on you – if you are still in the ‘dark age’ of old-fashioned quotes. It is very important to present yourself at your very best and producing a quick and accurate quote will stand you head and shoulders above your competition.

Updated Prices
The great thing about working in the cloud with is that all of the prices of materials update overnight, so you’ll never be left in the dark as you prepare your quote. If you choose to use an old-fashioned method of quoting and not builders software, then you’ll constantly be under-estimating materials and cutting into your profit. Make sure that you cover yourself for all eventualities.

Win More Jobs
With our builders software, you can increase your win rating by an amazing 200% !! It’s a fact. You’ll be producing, quick, accurate quotes, time and time again, and you’ll be saying goodbye to those endless nights and long weekends of paperwork. That will be all in the past now, as with our builders software, your quotes will be completed in minutes, you’ll be doing more and more quotes and your win rate will keep going up.

Keep Organised
Would you like an easily affordable solution to document storage? Then look no further… with our builders software, you can keep your quotes and customer information all in one place, and keep backing it up too. What is more, it is all secure, we ensure that your details and your customers’ details stay safe and protected. In the cloud, you’ll always be connected to your finished quotes and those you have saved to possibly add to.

Say Goodbye To Piles of Paper
Yes, you can have a paper free office – as you’ll be storing all of your documents in the cloud. There is no need to print any quotes, unless you are asked to. It’s the perfect solution to a cluttered desk and untidy van!

Cut Quote Time
Who would want to wait weeks for a quote? No one. Why let your customers sign up with a competitor, just because they can produce a really quick, cloud-based quote? Don’t give an inch to your rivals – you have worked so very hard to get where you are in life – go that step further and cut quote time from days, and hours to minutes. Yes, it really is that quick. Watch our tutorial videos and see how.

Account for Everything
With our builders software, you can really keep in touch with the budget that you are working to and all of your expenses. You’ll be able to keep track of all received payments and issue invoices and receipts, too. Our builders software is much more than just a quoting platform, it’s everything you need to run your business in one online cloud-based platform.

System requirements
Please read the system requirements before purchasing

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